Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Our best excuses #1: "If I change my lifestyle, I'll never be allowed to eat my favourite foods again!"

First of all: it is not true. There is no healthy lifestyle which wouldn't allow some sidetracks from time to time. Although it is definitely not the same if you eat a donut once in two weeks or two donuts every morning - if you want to reach your goals, you have to stick to the first option.

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Secondly: every recipe can be modified to something more healthy. Or you can substitute the your favourite foods with something which is just as tasty but much more healthy than the original one. White buns can be replaced with whole-wheat ones, sugar with honey or xylitol. You can bake a cookie with one egg and one egg white or with the half amount of sugar. Instead of sweet sodas you can drink a lemonade with honey or a nice fruit cocktail, or even plain tap water or mineral water if you like it. Instead of burgers you can have a grilled steak made from lean meat or home-made burger meat without burger buns. You can even find some healthy alternatives in the much-hated fast food restaurants: salads are fine everywhere but kebabs are just as good with their lean meat and lots of veggies - you only have to forget about french fries and cola. You can browse the net for loads of healthy and truly yummy recipes. You can even read organic and paleo blogs and sites for some nice ideas, even if you don't follow any special type of diet. I am definitely not a fan of any of these diets, but I have found some great recipes on these kind of blogs, that's why I recommend them to anyone. Maybe you'll find some new favourire foods on the go.

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And if you are totally fed up with weight loss, you can have your favourite foods every now and then. The secret is not to make it regular. Almost everything is done in your mind: if you start changing your lifestyle with a confidence that nothing is forbidden, you will be more consistent in choosing the healthier options for the sake of your figure and health. Don't opt for deprivation, opt for quality instead - you can even be a bit snobbish in this question! Quality pastries every now and then can come, but sugary trash is simply not worth the calories.

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