Tuesday, April 25, 2017

When stress makes you go crazy

A few days ago I went to a meeting of local bloggers, that looked very interesting for me. Better to say, I wanted to go there. I started quite early so that I could be there comfortably on time. The only thing I didn't think of was that it took an hour and a half just to get a few streets away from my starting point due to rush hour and badly organized road renovations. 
Stress is hard
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I was supposed to be there at half past five - I gave up on the whole project at half past six, when I still had about half of the way before me. You can imagine I didn't feel like a zen master :)

But the whole situation full of stress gave me a good opportunity to look at things through a life coach's eyes (hey, that's what I am after all), and pull together a few things to do in the case of nervous emergency. You don't have to do them all, applying two or three tips can lead to good results, as for stress busting.

 1. The most important thing: let all the stress out! I don't think you do any good to yourself by thinking you cannot permit bad thoughts, and by trying to explain that there is no problem. There is a problem, that's why you are nervous. So try to let your anger out in a way that is acceptable for you. If you are alone, just shout or throw a pillow (don't be destructive, mugs and plates don't like this method of stress-releasing). If the time and place are not suitable for this, you can try to think of wording exactly how you feel (you don't have to say it loud). You can even think bad things about the whole situation and the people you hold responsible for making you angry. Again, dont be destructive: you don't have to shout at the co-worker you don't like, but you can think pretty much anything about him if you hold your thoughts to yourself. You can also go calm: try to express with architectural punctuality exactly why you are angry. This can create a bit of distance from the whole problem, and see more clearly how important it is.

2. Breathe deeply. Take a few slow and deep breaths, and try to concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes. If you can, drink a glass of water or tea. The latter helps soothing tension already with its vapours

3. Create. Write, draw, paint, dance, cook, do whatever you like. If creative things are not your favourite pastimes, just start to declutter your room or do any housework that needs doing, these types of activities can also effectively ease your stress. Moreover, we tend to be more ruthless to clutter in these situations, which is also useful.

4. Laugh at it. Sometimes the world around us can come forth with such absurd situations that the only thing you can do is to laugh at them. This tip is the best when you know that the thing which annoys you is not a very important one, but it is really annoying at the moment. You can use a little irony at times.

Tea is fine against stress
A cup of tea can be a wonderful stress remedy (Photo: pixabay.com)
 5. Move. Channel your excess energy to physical activity. Spinning and squash are very good for these moments, but treadmills, stationary bikes and box-aerobic DVD's can also be useful tools. If you like a calming sport, try a yoga class.

6. Get a reward! You are absolutely entitled to a fine glass of hot chocolate (only if you are not on a diet, you shouldn't make things worse with remorse afterwards), a hot bath, a face mask, thirty minutes in the sauna, a massage, a new lipstick, a fashion magazine or an hour's quiet time with a good book.

7. Try to make the best of it. Find an activity that makes you happier. If you have to work long hours instead of sitting in a restaurant with your friends, dedicate some time for yourself when you finally get home. Do something you usually don't have time for: start reading a new book or create a new set from the clothes you already own. The money you didn't spend on this night should go for something that brings you joy. When was the last time you had a facial?

P.s: What did I do when I get off the bus giving up on the whole meeting? I dropped in to some fashion shops to have a look, and I invited myself for a cup of hot chocolate and a carrot cake before heading home. Oh, and I wrote this blog entry in my head.

Have a colorful day!


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