Saturday, June 10, 2017

Survival kit for summer festivals

Festival season is soon on, just a short wait and then every weekend there will be new gigs worth seeing. I set up a small survival kit for these open-air parties, so that no unexpected events can ruin your night and you could seem and feel fresh even after a long night. I thought mostly about those partygoers who spend the evening and the night at the festival, because those people who arrive for more days with a tent, usually have everything from flip-flops to hair gel. Let's see the stuff which you can carry in a small bag, and which can prepare you to almost every possibility.

Festival survival kit

1. Hair bands: no matter how well your hair looks when you arrive to the party, it won't look so fine after a round of headbanging. A quick braid can always save your looks for the rest of the night. And another good thing: you can take the silliest hair band you can imagine, even Spongebob will be a success.
2. Sanitizing hand wipes: they are better than sanitizing gels, because you can also rub most the dirt from your hands with the wet tissues. You can also sanitize any surface you want to - for example toilet seats if you find a reasonable toilet and you absolutely want to sit on it (I wouldn't want to, though). You can also remove sweat and odor-causing bacteria from your body after a wild concert, and you can even wipe off smudged makeup bits. Please don't use those sanitizing tissues regularly as a makeup remover, because they are quite harsh to your skin, but they are fine for an emergency situation. Take 4-5 pieces of the individually packaged wipes for one night.

3. Travel-size deodorant: you can just buy the first mini-sized deodorant in any drugstore, even if you usually use organic deo, as you are only going to use this one only on a few occassions. But on those occassions it can be your best friend.

4. Cheek and lip stain: multi-functional helper for refreshing your makeup. If you don't choose a real reddish colour, rather a neutral apricot tone, you can even forget about eye shadow, you can use this one on your lids, too. You won't make a red-carpet makeup with it, but it will do as a refresh.

5. Pocket hair comb: even better if you have a mirror with it.

6. Compact powder:  against shine and greasy spots on your face. The smaller the better, and always have a mini brush or a sponge with it.

7. Nail clip with nail file: a swiss army knife for women. Not only for nail emergencies, but also for removing threads hanging out from your dress and for a thousand other things.

8. Waterproof mascara: if you are going to a concert or a festival choose a waterproof mascara that can endure everything, or forget mascara entirely, because you probably don't want to look like a panda bear after the gig. But if you have some weather-proof and totally waterproof thing, you can also insert it to your festival bag.

9. Creamy eyeshadow: also choose an everything-proof stuff, which won't sit in your eyelid crease.

10. Paper tissues: I don't think it needs any explanation at all.

And a few things which you can't see on the picture, but which can do good to you (in other words: health section):

- Intimate pads or tampons: you probably know when it is due and how accurate it usually is, but it is better to have a pad or a tampon at hand than to face a surprise. At places lacking hygiene a pad is easier to use. If you only trust tampons, choose one with an applicator, it is simpler and cleaner to apply.
- Condom: if you are sure that you only go for the concerts and the chats, you might not need it, but if there is a chance for an alternative ending of the night, it is useful to have one for all-round protection.
- Adhesive plaster: for shoe problems, bruises and other small wounds.
- Medication: a pill against allergy, headache or cramps. Just take one of them (of course always mark which is which) - they don't need much space but can save your night if you get some nasty symptoms. Take an allergy medicine that won't make you drowsy - if you are prone to allergies, sooner or later you will know which is your own medicine, because every one of them acts differently on different people. If you have to take a pill, forget alcohol for that night. If the symptoms come after a few drinks, ask the experts at the first-aid spot if you can take the pill or not.

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