Saturday, April 29, 2017

Floral outfits for a blooming springtime

Spring flowers keep appearing in every year's spring & summer fashion - but this year even more botanical patterns are going to bloom on our clothes. So if you like floral outfits, you'll have the time of your life this summer. I sketched some flowery outfits on Polyvore so that you have some ideas to start with.

The first outfit is based on this bright, sunny yellow color. And also on the bunny accessories, although Easter is already over. But this doesn't matter, bunny lovers care for their little furry friends all year long, don't they?

Spring set


The second outfit is girly candy-pink for the moments when we feel so insanely feminine. Yes, sometimes we definitely need that pink, sometimes even the rainbow glitter ponies are absolutely okay...

Casual hippie-style is one of my old favorites, this is how this outfit made its way to my collection. I just love this flowery and mandala-patterned tunic together with leggings and shiny sneakers. 

Floral set

Wide-legged, botanical-patterned trousers and a red top make an eye-catching outfit together, which is strong and soft, feminine and tough at the same time. You'll make all heads turn for sure!

Floral set 2

For lovers of the tropical plants and sceneries I recommend this green outfit with all the palm trees and spectacular, leaf-formed slippers.

Botanical set

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